Town of Fletcher, North Carolina

Make your lawn stormwater friendly

Posted on 04/22/2024

It’s that time of year that we are starting to mow our lawns.  Have you ever thought about how to make your lawn more stormwater friendly? This short video is a great introduction.


Key Takeaways:

  • Mow high and let the clippings lie – they contain 90% water, which is good for the lawn, and keeps nutrients out of waterways.
  • Keep yard waste off the street and away from storm drains and drainage ditches.
  • Compost clippings and leaves to create your own natural fertilizer.
  • Have your soil tested before applying fertilizer if you must.
  • Use Phosphorous-free fertilizers unless your soil is lacking in P, and use slow-release nitrogen fertilizers or organic compost.
  • Reduce potable water use by choosing native and drought-resistant plants, and by collecting rainwater in a rain barrel.  Rainwater also contains nutrients so can further reduce the need for fertilizer.

The NC Clean Water Education Partnership’s Tips from the Sodfather web page is a great resource with extensive information about green lawn care, herbicide and pesticide precautions, water saving techniques and landscaping.

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