Town of Fletcher, North Carolina

Travel & Tourism Representative

Posted on 05/06/2022

Travel & Tourism Board Representative

The Town of Fletcher is seeking potential candidates to represent the Fletcher area on the Henderson County Travel & Tourism Board.  This volunteer Board meets monthly on the 4th Tuesday at 1:00pm at the Visitor’s Center at 201 S. Main Street in Hendersonville. This representative will serve as an advocate for the Fletcher area in the promotion of tourism within the County.

To be considered for this Board, all candidates must:

(1) Represent a Fletcher area business, through ownership or employment, that is part of the accommodation or restaurant industry. This business does not have to be within the Fletcher Town limits, but it must be within the Fletcher area of Henderson County.

(2)  Be registered to vote in Henderson County

(3)  Be willing to serve a 5-year term on this Board.

If you are interested and willing to serve in this capacity, please complete a volunteer Board Application.

Board Application

Please submit your completed application to Christine Thompson via email at or in person at  Fletcher Town Hall.

Thank you for considering service to our Town.





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